SSMB29 Latest Update: Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu completed Discussion & Shooting Start Shortly

Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Rajamouli have returned to Hyderabad from Dubai, where they apparently held film sittings. The shooting of their upcoming movie is set to begin soon, and Rajamouli and Mahesh eagerly await it. Fans are thrilled to see the two together at the airport.

Mahesh Babu had been vacationing in Dubai with his family for quite some time, but he and Rajamouli took advantage of the opportunity to discuss their film project while there. Now that they have returned to Hyderabad, fans are excitedly speculating about the details of the movie.

Mahesh Babu’s new hairstyle, which features a beard and long hair, has become a viral sensation online, with many fans speculating that it may be for Rajamouli’s upcoming film. The visuals of the two together at the airport have been trending on social media, with fans eagerly anticipating the movie’s release.

It’s been confirmed that the film has already completed its script and that shooting will begin soon. Although the story’s details are still under wraps, fans eagerly anticipate what promises to be an exciting and entertaining film.

In the past, Mahesh Babu’s film Guntur Karam failed to impress at the box office and was heavily criticized on social media. Despite this, Mahesh Babu remains one of India’s most popular and beloved actors, and his fans eagerly anticipate his next project.

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