Jai Hanuman Latest Update: Prasanth Varma Introduces Anjanadri 2.0

It has been confirmed that a sequel to the blockbuster movie Hanuman, released on Sankranti this year, is in the works. Director Prasanth Varma has given an update on the upcoming Jai Hanuman sequel. The previous movie, featuring Teja Sajja and directed by Prasanth Varma, broke many records by grossing over Rs. 350 crore worldwide, with a budget of just Rs. 40 crores. The movie team has announced that Jai Hanuman will be a sequel to this movie, and Prasanth Varma has recently given a crazy update about it.

Varma recently posted a video on social media related to the movie, captioned “Welcome to Anjanadri 2.0.” Anjanadri is a fictional village created by Varma in the previous movie, and it is said that a similar Anjanadri 2.0 is being created for Jai Hanuman. The video’s visuals are stunning, with the sea and hills in between. Netizens are shocked after seeing these visuals, and many are posting comments saying, “Worth, Verma, full worth.”

Varma has announced that the sequel will be on a different level in every way compared to the previous movie. He said he would take the budget issue without hesitation and that Jai Hanuman would be even grander. Teja Sajja will continue in the role of Hanuman, and a star hero will appear in the role of Hanuman, too, but the identity of the star hero has yet to be revealed. Some audience members believe that Rana or KGF hero Yash may play the role, but the movie team has not confirmed this. Pan India’s audience is waiting for the Jai Hanuman movie, which is believed to have graphics work and the arrival of new characters, compared to the first part.

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