Manchu Manoj Re-Entry as a Villain?

Manchu Manoj started his Second Innings in a villain role. A rumour is running in the Tollywood Film Industry about Manchu Manoj returning with a villain role in an upcoming film in Malayalam actor Dulquer Salman’s hero role, and Teja Sajja is a co-star.

It has been reported that Manchu Manoj is set to play the villain in an upcoming Tollywood movie. The news comes after Manoj announced his re-entry into the film industry, having previously given a break to Manoj films. Although he had announced a movie called “What the Fish,” no updates have been made since. However, Manoj is now set to play the bad guy, with Teja Sajja, the star of “Hanuman,” playing the hero.

There are also rumours that Malayalam actor Dulquer Salmaan will co-star as another hero. Karthik Ghattamaneni is set to direct the film, which People’s Media Factory is said to be producing. The movie is reportedly titled “Mirai” and is expected to be released soon. However, complete details about the film are yet to be known.

It is worth noting that Dulquer Salmaan’s team has denied rumours that he will star in the movie alongside Balayya and Teja Sajja.

Teja Sajja, who rose to fame with “Hanuman,” currently receives numerous film offers after the movie broke records by collecting Rs. 300 crores. Meanwhile, Dulquer Salmaan has become a popular Telugu actor, with notable roles in “Mahanati” and “Sitaharam.” He is currently filming “Lucky Bhaskar” and will also appear in “Kalki 2898AD” in a guest role.

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