Does the ‘Kannappa’ movie greatly boost the Manchu family?

‘Kannappa’ will get a big boost by playing important roles with the Malayalam stars Mohanlal and Kannada Shivanna in the movie. Another piece of news is out: Manchu Manoj also plays a key role in the movie. It will be a big movement in the Manchu Family with the Kannappa Movie.

A movie called Kannappa is being produced with a huge budget and stars Manchu Vishnu in the lead role. Rebel star Prabhas will also act in a special role in this movie, which is planned to be released at a pan-India level. Along with them, Malayalam stars Mohanlal and Kannada Shivanna also play other important roles. It is known that Mohan Babu will also appear in another surprising role.

However, it is still unclear whether Manchu Manoj will be part of Kannappa. Manchu Manoj has been on a brief career gap and is looking to make a comeback with a series of films. If he is present in Kannappa, a project of the Manchu family, it will be a great project like their previous film Pandavu Pandavu Tummeda.

It is claimed that there was a difference of opinion between Manchu Vishnu and Manoj on the subject of Manoj’s second marriage, and they are not as close as they used to be. However, the audience still wants Manchu Manoj to act in Kannappa as he has a separate fan following.

We will soon know whether Manchu Manoj will be a part of Kannappa or not.

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