Those Two Heroines are Waiting for NTR?

Kiara Advani and Mrinal Thakur are waiting for the NTR Upcoming movie War 2. According to reports, the two heroin names have also come to the fore to be NTR and Hrithik Roshan War 2 Movie.

Hrithik Roshan has clarified that he is waiting for Junior NTR. As the shooting of the Devara movie nears its final stage, it seems that Tarak has reserved dates for War 2. If everything goes well, the shooting of War 2 will likely start in April. The film is expected to have two heroines paired with Tarak.

Kiara Advani’s name was heard earlier, but now Mrinal Thakur’s name has also come to the fore. These two heroines have a good reputation in South India, and they have had blockbuster hits in Telugu movies. They are also circulating as heroines in Bollywood. Mrinal Thakur starred in Sitaramam and Hi Nanna, while Kiara Advani is currently acting opposite Ram Charan in the Telugu movie Game Changer. Kiara has also been finalized as the female lead in Don 3 in Hindi. If Kiara Advani is cast in War 2, there is definitely a chance that they will be the best pair. Tarak is going to be seen in the role of an Indian secret agent in this movie. It is said that the character cast is going to have a negative touch.

After the completion of War 2, there is a campaign going on that Yash Raj Films will make an action-packed movie with Tarak in the lead role. If the ‘Devara’ movie is a hit, Tarak’s image is also likely to change. Expectations for War 2 will also rise, depending on Tarak’s performance in the movie. There will be a chance for him to establish himself as an Indian star hero. Besides these two films, NTR has a project with Prashant Neil in his line-up. Currently, Neil is busy with Salar, and after that, he will focus on NTR’s project.

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