Was the Project too Big? Why did the Megastar Leave the Series?

Megastar Chiranjeevi has a large and dedicated fan base who love his movies. His talent shines through in films of all genres, from mass action to comedy and romance. Throughout his career, he has entertained audiences with his excellent performances in more than 150 films. Even in his second innings, he continues to work hard, appearing in a series of movies back-to-back in theatres, regardless of whether they are hits or flops.

However, there have been times when he has missed out on blockbusters due to various reasons. Shortening some of these films might have helped, but Chiru recently missed out on a major hit. If the project had been smaller, it could have been released on an OTT platform instead. The reason for his absence was due to the Bollywood actor who appeared in the project and gained immense popularity.

The Family Man is the project in question, a popular web series that Chiranjeevi lost out on. The renowned producer Ashwanee Dutt revealed in an interview that he had wanted to work with Chiranjeevi after Ram Charan’s Cheetah. However, at the same time, Raj and DK had already prepared The Family Man’s story, which was written specifically for Chiranjeevi. When Ashwanee Dutt spoke to Chiranjeevi about the project during the success of Khaidi No. 150, Chiru expressed doubts about his character having both a daughter and a son.

The directors said that they could remove the children’s characters, but Chiru remained uninterested. The same project went on to gain international recognition, and if Chiranjeevi had taken part, it would have been a huge success. Unfortunately, he missed out on this opportunity, and the role went to Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee, who gained immense popularity as a result. The series became a huge hit and a sequel, The Family Man 2, was followed by Samantha winning praise for her portrayal of Raji, a character with entirely negative traits.

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