The Goat Life Created an All-Time Record.

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s latest movie, “The Goat Life,” is a hit. The film, directed by Blessy, is based on the popular Malayalam novel “Adujeevitham” and stars Prithviraj Sukumaran. It is receiving praise from both critics and audiences, with many people commenting on Prithviraj’s excellent performance. The movie has also been doing well at the box office, with record-breaking collections.

Recently, “The Goat Life” received a rare record. It became the fastest Malayalam film to cross the million dollar mark at the USA box office. The movie has already collected Rs.50 crore gross in three days at the global box office. According to the latest information, it collected another Rs.15 crore gross on Sunday, making it the highest opening weekend collection of any Malayalam movie till date. Previously, this record was held by Mohanlal starrer ‘Lucifer,’ a movie directed by Prithviraj.

In “The Goat Life,” Prithviraj actor is shown his Vishwaroop in acting. He lost 31 kg for the role of Najeeb, and in a scene shot in the desert, the audience can see his visible ribs. Prithviraj has shown all the pain and suffering of the character in his eyes in every scene, and his performance is being praised by many, including actor Kamal Haasan and director Mani Ratnam. Fans strongly believe that Prithviraj will be awarded the National Award for his work in this movie.

The Telugu audience also praises the film, which has been dubbed Aadujeevitham.

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